The NA Class from the Attack -Maximum Challenge- event at Tsukuba Circuit in December 2014.

Unfortunately, course conditions were far from ideal with the rain that had fallen the day before.
However, some had managed to hit the elusive 59’s and gained rights to advance to the Tsukuba Championship Time Attack to be held in February 2015.

The Tsukuba Championship Time Attack will feature the top finishers from the February 2014 time attack and this event to decide once and for all the fastest time attack car in Japan!

Stay tuned to ShuBoxInc!

Click here for scenes from February 2014.
Super Lap:
NA Class:

Final lap times for cars that didn’t run the Super Lap session in this video:
Kuni S30Z: 1’00.492
Arvou Kant S2000: 1’00.601
Arvou Kuman S2000: 1’00.615
Z4M: 1’00.968
Tousou DC5: 1’01.433
Freedom Roadster: 1’02.054

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